Edgar Saakyan Vika Novozhen GUEST: SERGEY GALANTER

Edgar Saakyan:
Thank you for agreeing to take part in our adventure.

I support all ventures! I never had a chance!

Edgar Saakyan:
I'm glad we met under such unusual circumstances. I have seen your work before
in communities in contact. Moreover, many girls I know have and still do publish
your works. Which one do you think is the most popular?

In fact, I think my most popular work is where a girl sits on a man with her back to
him. This one?

Yeah. I was just flipping through Instagram again today. I really like her.

Yes I had a post, but instagram deleted it. Like most of my best work instagram
deletes! I had 14,000 reposts on that publication, so I thought it was the most
popular of all.

Where can I see the work that instagram deletes?

I republished them. I'm gradually republishing them all. But, for example, my
work, which I adore terribly, was deleted this morning. I think it's one of the best
of the last six months. Otherwise, you can find all the work on my Telegram
Edgar Saakyan:
Do you think they delete because you cross the line of social networking rules?

Let's just say that in addition to erotica, I sometimes draw explicit porn. And I
don't quite understand how the publication is deleted. Is it the moderators or
someone complaining. They don't quite understand this allegory, but about 35
percent of my works are fearlessly deleted.

But you don't cover your body parts with the same smiley faces.

You know, I'd rather die than put something in place of my nipples or my genitals.
It's disgusting.

In addition to instagram and telegram, how else do you promote your work? Do
you have a website?

I didn't have a website. I've always been a stickler for the fact that Instagram is
enough for me. But there were quite a few more products besides the usual
pictures, so it's easier to optimize it all with a website. So I don't have to write to
my instagram directive about everything. My assistant is sometimes shocked by
direct. I've got about 30% of women sending me naked pictures of themselves.
Another 30 percent are trying to buy a picture. Some are trying to buy prints, some
are trying to buy courses.

Edgar Saakyan:
Prints, courses are fine, but I want to see your directive sometime
Tell me, how long does the process of painting take?

If I paint in Digital, it's 20-25 minutes, and if I paint on canvas, it's 1.5 hours.

Do you paint in oil on canvas?

I paint with acrylic. That is, first with acrylic, and then with oil. It's
absolutely wrong, these works can last a maximum of a hundred years, according
to guys who have an education. I have no education, so I take my chances. In 100
years I'm unlikely to be able to check it out anyway.

Vika:Do you draw only when you have some idea or inspiration?

If I draw in digital, I try to draw every day before I go to sleep, if some idea comes
to my mind, or I've seen some cool movie or heard a cool song. In contrast, I paint
in oil and approach a real canvas if something grand and crazy has come to my

Do I understand correctly that you also paint on demand?

Yes, but now I'm tired of it and accept orders only if the idea is really cool.

If it's not a secret, can you tell your most expensive work?

To order?

Yes, commercial.

I made a family to order - there was a husband, wife, son and little daughter. The
first message I got from the client was "hello, I need to draw time as space". And I
can not write this, because I wrote a dissertation close to the subject. I accepted his
order, but the picture was very big and complicated. I charged him 1.5 million
rubles. But it took me quite a long time to write it - about 15 days.

There are a lot of works
in Instagram which look very natural, didn't you paint them in Digital? Because an
uninformed person like me, for example, can really take them for photos.

I just draw quite detailed, but, lately, I've decided to get away from realism a bit
because my Direct is flooded with messages like "but, it's a photo" or "you just
took a finished photo and processed it".

Do you have a video of you working?

Yeah, I try to record Time-lapse, especially if the work is kind of cool. On
Instagram I very often post the process of the work from start to finish.

What work did Louvre write you about?

To be honest, I can't exactly answer that question because I was pasting in the
Louvre's affiliated gallery, which I got on completely by accident. I think I got the message from their SMM manager, who just wanted to make me happy. Well, he
succeeded, I was very happy then.

Vika:Do you often exhibit at different museums and exhibitions?

To be honest, I hate to show my works not at my personal exhibitions. The one we just talked about was the only one I sent my painting to. I think it's much cooler to
organize an exhibition by yourself and to hold it, because you don't have to share
the space with anybody.

In which cities do you usually organize exhibitions?

Last year I did not hold them anywhere for obvious reasons, but I exhibited in
Berlin and Prague, twice in Paris, once in London. In Moscow, the exhibition will
start in May.

It's pretty soon, so you need more work?

I have a lot of work on Digital, because I've been writing every day and sometimes
several times a day for two years now.

How much work do you exhibit approximately?

About 100 pieces, I also sell my own works, but I usually try to give away copies
rather than originals, so the works are piling up. And for the exhibition I try to
exhibit a very large number of works and divide them into themes, because for
each group I have my own song for visitors. It's just that I don't quite understand
exhibitions where 15 works are exhibited and here, look...

Are you exhibiting the erotica genre specifically or everything?

I exhibit all1, I only have erotica in my instagram, besides that I, of course, have
many other works in other areas and themes.

What was your first job? You remember it, don't you? How did you know that's
what you wanted to do?

My instagram has my life story. I went to military school, which I later graduated
and served for 1.5 years. And I realized what my path was in the fifth year. Of
course, it was not just my job that impelled me to do this, but all of them. I just saw
that I was growing and realized where this would lead.

So what brought you to Bitclout?

I just considered myself progressive and competent enough. I try to always try
something new. On this platform, people don't invest in stocks of some companies,
but specifically in other people, which I was very inspired and interested in.

And how was your first day after registering?

Not the first day, but the first night. After a few hours I saw that my first "share"
was already worth 130 bucks, which means that I had 2 thousand invested in me,
which is very cool. Next, I started researching the site and saw that others' coins
were already worth 5 thousand bucks, and since I really like money, I realized that
this was the right platform. I think sooner or later, especially if they create some
app, it will become a second instagram but a little more interesting. In addition, the
simplicity of the interface is very appealing.

So you've been there for a few days as your development at Bitclout has been
going on?

Initially, when I got there, to be honest, I did not understand anything - what to do
there and how, how you can develop in this whole story, but then I was prompted.
And gradually I began to understand that here the same thing as at the other sites.
Just, so far, some things in terms of promotion is not quite clear, namely through
which sites to do it. But, yesterday, while I was on the plane, I got a lot of ideas to
promote myself, and if you do it, it's not so hard to figure out.
The fact remains that this platform is very promising, you can not only make
money, but also show yourself to other people. Right now there are quite a few
people there...

Yes, only 114,000, and that's really very little, so the fact that we're going in there
now gives us a big advantage in the long term.

Yes, it was more or less the same in Instagram before 2013. It was easy to get
millions of subscribers, but now it's a lot harder because there are a lot of rules,
censorship, etc. I think it's the same here. Those, who will get there soon and start
developing themselves there in the next six months to a year, will get a huge
advantage and it will be much easier for them to rise to the top of Bitclout.

Have you ever announced to your audience that you're participating in Bitclout?

I talked about it twice in storis, and then I did a poll to see who even knew what it
was. And, it turned out that only 8 people out of 15,000 knew about it, so while I'm
only growing within the platform, my subscribers are totally unaware of it yet. But,
after my storis 30 people wrote to me, they registered and are trying to figure out
what it is.

And how do you develop your Bitclout to increase activity? Maybe writing posts?

To be frank, I haven't really delved much into promoting myself on this platform at
the moment. I put up posts and works, and sometimes I write news about myself. I
recently had a sale, and I told about it, and then I found out that the media wrote
about me, and I told about that too. Starting next week I plan to actively engage in
this platform, because I will unload a little bit on the projects and deal directly with
the promotion.

How do you feel about those who are skeptical about this platform? After all, even
people from the crypto world don't trust it very much right now.

I think they are skeptical about this platform for one reason only - because right
now it is impossible to withdraw money. And this is absolutely reasonable, but I
think a little time will pass and everything will be optimized. In cryptomir every
half year there is something new, and I think that everyone already got used to take
innovations with skepticism at first. Even when NFT appeared nobody understood
how you can buy a file for 30 ether, but now it has gradually sprawled, and
everyone understood why not.

How do you think NFT can be integrated into Bitclout?

Actually, I've already thought about it, and the easiest way is to look at profiles,
like on instagram, and if you see the potential, you can invest in it. It would be
very cool if you could buy NFT not only for ether directly, but for Bitclout Coins,
which would automatically go into ether. If this were implemented, people would
go to Bitclout in droves, because there would be a direct opportunity to buy and
sell without any difficulty.

I heard you're teaching a class, what's that?

I do group paid classes at Zoom, where I talk about different behavioral strategies.
Going back to the Bitclout topic, has tf invested in anyone yet?

No, firstly, because I haven't had time for it yet, and secondly, because of my lack
of knowledge in terms of putting money in there, but, periodically I keep an eye
out for accounts that I really want to invest in.

If you had been told about bitcoins in 2008, would you have invested there or not?

I was told about this in 2012, I was still a schoolboy then, and all the money I had
at that time I invested.

And you didn't, as I understand it?

By no means, withdrew when it was $20,000 in 2017. The very first HYIP.

Ilon Musk's coin is now worth 80 thousand dollars, and bitcoin 55, what do you
think will become of other cryptocurrencies?

I don't know, but I think that if the platform is going to be okay, it's urgent to
invest in Ilon, because everyone is going to be invested in him.
So, lastly, what would you tell other people about Bitclout to come here?

I would say that at this point in time, this is the only platform where you are not
being invested in by buying a product from you, but by investing directly in you.
And the more invested in you, the more motivated you will be.